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Essiac® an Effective Alternative Treatment

That All Important Second Opinion

It is no secret that doctors both junior and senior are under immense pressure these days. Constant budget cut's, dangerously increased over time and increasing taxes, lead many doctors to feel constant pressure and stress daily in their lives. Many doctors have recently spoken out about their poor work/life balance, their constant tiredness leading to decreased enthusiasm for patient care and increasing stress levels. Over working our doctors and health professionals like this is dangerous.

This extract is taken from a radio discussion which took place on the 30th of November 2012 on the popular Dublin radio station 98FM.

"Over 800 junior doctors have written to the Minister for Health James Reilly warning that they may have to move abroad.

The campaign, by the Irish Medical Organisation, says the doctors may leave the Irish health system because of the Minister’s policies on consultants.
The HSE and consultants have been in talks over new contracts – which would change their working hours and practices. However, the IMO says there is unease because doctors are being portrayed as though they are driven by greed.

Dr Mark Murphy of the IMO’s NCHD Committee says it’s not just about money – it’s about respect too:  “It’s about a lot of other things such as work/life balance, such as the quality of their working life in the future.” But he adds: “Sure, money matters too and we work in an international environment where doctors can travel easily to Canada, Australia, New Zealand to the UK, and in all these areas consultants and GPs will have better terms and conditions – and money.”.

Those with serious illness do not want an over worked and under paid doctor giving a quick diagnosis of "No-Hope" because they simply don't have the time or energy to explore and prescribe alternative treatments. We all want the best treatment by the best doctors and nurses available to us in our times of need. 

But what does one do when the medical system fails to meet the need's of a patient? Most of us use our own drive and enthusiasm to seek alternative therapies/medications that may aid our symptoms.

It is often this type of scenario or following a medical diagnosis of "no-hope" for serious illness that leads one to explore the world of alternative medicines and treatments

Where one tired, over worked and under paid doctor might be all too happy to send a seriously ill person home with a fist full of pills and a prescription for unlimited pain relief. Another doctor with a happier less stressed out disposition may inform a person to look into alternative treatments and less invasive ways to alleviate pain and suffering

It is this second opinion that most fail to seek. Contrary to popular belief, nowadays, many doctors are all but too happy to recommend various natural remedy's for the most basic to the most serious of illnesses and ailments. It is no secret of how beneficial holistic treatments are. It is these doctors and healthcare professionals that often recommend the use of Essiac®
Essiac® benefits the body in a holistic way. When the body is treated holistically treatment occurs from the inside out. Essiac®’s primary actions are to remove heavy metals within the body, detoxify the blood, restore energy levels and re-build the immune system. After this occurs, the body is restored to a level where it is better able to defeat illness and disease state using its own resources!

It is well known that essiac® from is a 100% naturopathic medicine. Used since 1922 to help alleviate pain and suffering and restore health to people worldwide. It is no secret that this stuff works. Essiac® is a unique blend of four powerful natural ingredients (Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark and Indian Rhubarb Root).

When combined these ingredients help to:
  • normalise the body systems
  • boost immunity 
  • cleanse the blood 
  • purging toxic build up’s within the body
  • promote cell repair and aid's recovery
  • Official Essiac® from is produced to a pharmaceutical grade certification.

Official Essiac® from is approved by Health Canada with a NPN Number (Natural Product Number) and also approved in writing by the FDA in the USA as a herbal supplement.


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