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THE MULLET HEM - Article - Irelands Leading Fashion Website -

Deb Style Report:

I keep seeing this trend around, it has crept into all my fave shops again and I really don't know how to feel about it. The "mullet cut" reminds me of a garment that has been caught in a door, or jammed in runaway taxi...leaving the embarrassed wearer to cover her decency with the nearest thing to hand.

Deb's season is upon us and I have spotted this trend on some frocks about town. I feel it poignant to post this blog to make looming debutante's aware of me feelings on this style.

With this somewhat distorted view of the "Mullet Cut Dress" dancing around my head, I decided to do some research on the best ways to wear this trend, and of course the ways to not wear it!

Top designers have all had a go at the "dipped hem" or "mullet hem" dress of late.
Left to Right: Emillo Pucci, Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie have all incorporated the "Gothic" trend into their dress designs for Winter 2012. 

The height of the cut to the front of the dresses and the length added at the back of these dresses, ensures that the gowns are true to the "mullet" trend, while maintaining a flattering silhouette. 

These dresses certainly can not be confused with a dress that has been caught in a door!!!

Other celebs who have worn this trend very well are as follows:

Left to Right: Beyonce shines in this peplum dipped hem dress, Jessica Alba looks demure in this rich chocolate brown number and Fergie from the black eyed peas brings a sexy edge to the trend, her loosely tousled hair compliments the animal print to perfection.   

This trend only tends to work well for evening wear, poor Selena Gomez below looks like she has a part of what used to be a maxi dress missing, in this dull grey jersey "dipped hem" dress....oh dear!

This dress is too long at the front and it drags along the pavement at the back, demonstrating ill thought on the designers part or perhaps ill styling on Selena's part, kind of looks like the dress fail to fit.

  The cut and length is all wrong on this "mullet hem" dress, that the beautiful Kourtney Kardashian donned earlier this year. The cobalt blue is a hot colour this season. But The strapless top sits too far down under the arm and makes her chest look saggy. The mid length cut at the back of the dress does not suit such a petite figure. 

This dress should have been longer at the back and should have sat higher to Kourtney's decolletage (see how the petite Nicole Richie wore this trend above).


Friday, 20 September 2013

HOW NOT TO DRESS YOUR KIDS IN 2013 - Article - Irelands Leading Fashion Website -

When we become parents, fashion most certainly takes a back seat for a time. When babies arrive it’s all bottles, babygro's and sleep deprivation. But as the months pass, those babies grow. They become tiny people, with opinions and tastes of their own. These kid's form personalities, these personalities can be expressed through the clothes they wear.

This I find is where parents seem to recoil in horror, or hit a blank wall, or maybe they just don’t know how to drag their precious baby out of baby gros and woolly cardigan combo’s and into the vast, exciting ever changing world fashion and trend following.

Ideally we would all love just a few extra weeks to cuddle and snuggle our precious babies, but as they grow we must grow and evolve with them. It is an exciting thing to witness your child’s transition from romper suits and dungaree’s to skinny jeans and neon t-shirts.

I personally could not wait to get my girls into the latest trends, to bond with them over their own personal likes and dislikes, and to immerse myself in the world of children’s fashion.

I am talking of real fashion, latest trends, gorgeous kiddie couture and the endless accessories to transform a plain cheap store bought outfit into somewhat of a fashion masterpiece.

But we have all witnessed the parents that look a bit dull, you know the jeans and lidl jumper wearing mom and the cord pant, knit jumper wearing dad strolling in the park with their little kiddies. The kiddies who for the most part cute looking kid’s, but have fallen between the fashion gaps. 

Stuck in mismatched outfit’s that clearly echo’s their parents lack of commitment to style. I find it quite sad, and my inner Gok Wan scream’s to get out and assist these parent’s by showing them simple ways ensure their child is fashion savvy, in with the crowd and admired by passers-by.

Instead of remarked upon for looking like they either “got dressed in the dark” or “fell into a laundry hamper and came out wearing what stuck”.

So I bring you my TOP 6 TIP’S to keep those kiddies of yours fun and fabulously fashionable in 2013.
Princess Overload
Yes, we all love little girls in tutu’s, pink head to toe, sparkly pumps, dressy tights and a poof of glitter for good measure! But honestly this look can’t last past the age of 3. Three little words  HONEY BOO BOO…and for those of you unfamiliar with this (lacks word to describe) child, Google her. It’s so much cuter to dress 4-13year old girls in funky colours; current trend’s complimenting their personalities, not overshadowing them.

Tracksuit Tanker
A “tracksuit tanker” is a term I have made up. This term describes the little boys 3-8years old who are stuck somewhere in between their infancy obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine and their childhood obsession with football. These little boys are often found sporting a childhood character tee-shirt under a Manchester United tracksuit. It’s trend clashing in the worst way. Simple cargo pants a block colour tee-shirt and a cool pair of moccasins would far better suit boys aged 4-13. Accessorise with a straw hat and some aviators, for instant fashion perfection.

Inappropriate Looks
My pet peeve! Inappropriate slogans on children’s clothing for example “Hot Chick”, “Kiss me” or “Love Suck’s”,  Padded bra’s for children, knickers’ and boxers that have any kind of logo or emblem that isn’t a Disney character or days of the week (solely to teach kids) is just wrong in my book. Avoid like the plague, it is just so vile to see any parent entertaining these trends.

Stuffy Clothes for Tiny Tots
There is nothing worse than seeing cute infant’s wriggling around in discomfort, due to tulle skirt’s making them sweat, or acrylic/synthetic material’s overpowering their tiny bodies. There is an abundance of trendy 100% cotton clothes out there for babies. Cotton is the best fabric as it allows delicate skin to breathe, ensuring no nasty heat rashes’ on that kissable baby soft skin.

Out of sync with kid’s of today
I have seen it all too often, older parent’s dressing their children in horrendous dresses that “were all the rage when they were young”. Now, I do love a revival, I adore vintage/retro on kid’s but it is so difficult to hit the nail on the head with this trend. So, if you do not know what you’re doing please back away from the brown crushed velvet floral print dress with embroidery anglaise!!!!

Little Amy/Lucy/Jessica will not thank you, when her friends at the party this Saturday burst into giggles!!!! Kid’s like to fit in, they like to look like their friend’s and other kid’s their own age.

Weatherman Ignorance
My final tip; if it’s sunny super cool ripped jeans and tee-shirts are going to be a hit. However, if it is raining and windy outside, put a coat on your child. Even if you have to kneel on their chest to make them get the message that the coat is going to be worn. 

There is nothing worse than seeing a mum and dad wrapped up and cozy in bad weather, but their child is plodding along is water soaked ballet pumps, a pink tutu and "Disney Princess" tee-shirt, shivering because the parents couldn’t be bothered to enforce authority over appropriate footwear or coats for rain. There is no reason a child cant be fashion forward and warm too.

HERE COME THE BOYS! - Article - Irelands Leading Fashion Website -

Boys can be hard to buy for at the best of times, in the summer it is easy to pop a tee-shirt and some shorts on them.  However, as we ease into the colder months not only must we find warm clothing but also items that are on trend and fashionable

I have chosen some star buys based on the trends that are emerging for fall 2013.

Heritage tones like plums, mustard's, pastel blues, and moss greens feature heavily in boy’s trends across the board for autumn 2013.  Crisp whites and nautical stripes feature heavily in this season’s hottest trends too.

Graphic printed tee-shirts are set to be big, the louder the graphic the better I think.  Graphics that stand out draw the eye to the finer detail of what a child is wearing.  Choosing graphics that the child likes and reflect the child’s interests is a way of bringing forward a child’s individual personality through clothes.  If your child likes skateboarding, for example an inexpensive tee shirt with a skateboard graphic will mix well into the trends for this fall/winter. City Limits Collection 2013

Preppy striped jumpers, gingham shirts and varsity jackets are set to be huge. Mixing and matching items, prints and fabrics that one would not normally piece together is the key to this seasons looks.

The revival of corduroy is big as are jeans in burgundy and mustard colours.  Colourful trousers are a sure fire way let your boy make a big impact this season. Next Heritage Collection 2013and Varsity Collection 2013


For the more fashion adventurous young man adding a baker hat and some polished boots bring a look from average to extraordinary in a flash.  I have chosen some of my favourite pieces for boys this season.


Pumpkin Patch City Limits Collection super skinny stretch coloured jeans27.50


Next Heritage Branded  Zip Top 3-16 years €23 - €30

Next Heritage Collection Gingham Shirt €14 - €22

(Left) Next Tan Hiking Lace Sky Top €30 - €34  

(Right)  Pumpkin Patch Boys Brown Jodhpur Boots €30


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Linear Luxuries

Todd Lynn Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

As a fashion blogger, I have covered Milan, Paris, New York and London fashion weeks this year for Spring/Summer 2013.  The trends that emerged from each location were quite similar, dare I say predictable.  However, some trends really stood out for me as easy to replicate and follow, affordable to touch on and strong enough to draw inspiration from.  Designers appear to be indulging in the linear, zigzag, and striped patterns this summer.  

Swapping the “Black and White” Chanel inspired monochrome colors we have seen on the Winter 2012/13 runways for brighter colours and more striking graphic’s.

This feast for the eyes is the brainchild of designer Todd Lynn.  This lesser known designer designs sophisticated, elegant, and flattering dresses for the everywoman. 

Utilising long lines and elongating the figure by nipping and tucking the fabric at key points on the model’s bodies, I would also describe this dress as nautical.  We all know how big the nautical trend is this summer.  This dress stood out for me as wearable, practical, and I think it will be very easy to find a similar style on the high street or indeed in the DoneDeal fashion section! 

DoneDeal have a vast array of stylish, wearable and affordable summer dresses that can look stunning by day and that can be easily transformed by night using key accessories and a little make up.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Furthermore, DoneDeal have a huge range of vintage inspired dresses on offer.  Vintage is a trend that emerges time and time again and each summer seems to bring a revival of all things retro.  Fashion house Dolce and Gabbana have used an authentic retro colour pallet in their summer 2013 collection.  

Blue, yellow, and brown trimmed with crisp white offset this gorgeous dress.  I have seen similar dresses in the DoneDeal fashion section and I always try to snap them up, as they are easy to wear and really make a big statement of just how fashion savvy you really are.  It takes guts to wear such austere colours.  However, the impact that wearing a garment like this makes is fierce.

Top Tip

Team a vintage dress with over sized accessories, and wedges to put a modern twist on any classic item.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

INCY BY CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA - Article - Irelands Leading Fashion Website -

Charlotte Dellal owner of Charlotte Olympia has launched her debut range of children's footwear today.  The collection is adorably titled Incy, after the nursery rhyme, Incy Wincy Spider – and the collection comes conveniently just as designer Charlotte Dellal prepares to welcome her third child.

Featuring six pretty and playful designs, the shoes are inspired by the footwear in the women's mainline collection.  Dellal explains that the children’s shoes within the Incy collection are a mirror image of the adult versions "made miniature for Incy Wincy feet".  The range features luxurious materials such as velvet, pony skin and Swarovski crystal detailing - with prices starting at £75 (€80 approx.) for baby shoes and reaching £295 (€320 approx.) for boots for older girls.

Third time mum-to-be Charlotte explained her dreams surrounding this collection "I always thought I'd design little shoes for little people as soon as I had a girl," Dellal told a reporter at the release.  "However, with two boys now and a third child on the way, I decided to finally launch Incy regardless.  Maybe I'll have a girl this time!"

As a nice extra touch, each pair sold will come with a colouring book and crayons.  In addition, 10 per cent of all first month sales will be donated to The Art Room which is a UK charity offering art therapy to children and young people in order to "raise their self-esteem, confidence and independence".  As a mum myself I love the donation that supports such important aspects of emotional childhood development.

The Charlotte Olympia Incy collection is available to buy exclusively from the Mayfair, Manhattan and Beverly Hills stores, as well as online at

When conducting further research into these designer shoes, I managed to spot some of my favourite celeb’s donning Charlotte Olympia flats.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How to be a dazzling Debutante in 2013!

Grab a BRAND NEW seriously reduced price Deb’s dress on DoneDeal today!  You can now look every inch the glamorous debutante, while saving yourself some extra cash.  Leaving you free to indulge in all the little treats that make you feel extra special, like a trip to the beauty salon!

Image of a debs dress - click image to go to DoneDeal Fashion
The days of trailing the shops for “the perfect dress” are gone.  No longer must us girls despair over a coffee as funds and hope run dangerously low.  Endless unfruitful shopping trips can be soul destroying.  As the date of the “big day” looms, one can feel suffocated at the mere thoughts of trying on another tight satin dress in a small stuffy changing room.  I have been there so I know!

It is the monotony of conventional style of shopping that has led us to amazing online stores like DoneDeal.   

At DoneDeal one can piece together a brand new Deb’s outfit (Dress, bag, shoes, wrap, jewellery and hair accessories) for seriously reduced pricesDoneDeal takes the hassle out of shopping; a girl can browse a vast array of amazing dresses, shoes and accessories from the comfort of her own home!

Here at DoneDeal why rent when you can buy a brand new one of a kind deb’s dress with savings of 50-70%?

(The pictures featured in this blog are all examples of the huge selection of dresses available daily on Done Deal).

Image of a debs dress - click image to go to DoneDeal FashionDazzle at your Deb’s by purchasing everything you need from the huge selection of occasion wear, shoes, and accessories in the DoneDeal fashion section

Dress for less and take the hassle out of shopping.  Everything a stunning Debutante needs is right here at DoneDeal.  Sellers on DoneDeal offer BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN, REDUCED PRICE dresses, accessories, and shoes daily.  So, why wait?  Grab a bargain today!

My Top Tip:

The sooner you buy your dress and accessories, the sooner you know the colour pallet you have to work with.  This gives yourself more time to find the perfect make up and eye shadow shades to match you look.  You can also experiment with hairstyles that best suit your dress before the big day and you can even match your nail colour to compliment the overall look.

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TRENDY TEETHING - Article - Irelands Leading Fashion Website -

Commonly known as "teething jewellery" Baltic amber has been a natural and traditional remedy for teething discomfort for hundreds of years.  Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets for children are attractive to wear and ideal to provide natural pain relief and soothing analgesic support during teething.

Admittedly I did recoil in horror at the thoughts of the endless choking hazards and near strangulation possibilities. However, upon further research I found that there is a knot between each bead and the actual structure of the jewellery is as safe as possible. If like me however, the thoughts of placing anything around your precious baby’s neck is enough to send you in to a panic attack!! These trendy items of jewellery can be worn around the ankle under a baby grow or sock to avoid being played with or chewed by young babies.  To enjoy all the soothing benefits, simple contact of amber with the skin is enough.

Amber necklaces are not created for chewing!
They work in a completely different way. As a fossilised tree resin, amber has a lot of elements that have positive effect on the whole human body. The amber creates an electromagnetic field, which is believed to balance the nervous system and discharge stress. The amber stone merely needs to be in direct contact with the skins surface to soothe.  Amber teething jewellery is made for wearing not for chewing. Children should be supervised at all times when wearing jewellery and it should be removed when child is sleeping or unattended!

Children or toddlers MUST NOT be left unsupervised when around these beads
The jewellery comes in a variety of warm colours and carries the significant healing and analgesic effects of Natural Amber to remedy teething pain and create comfort for Baby and Mother!!!! Wearing the teething necklace can help reduce inflammation and accelerate healing as teething progresses. Amber teething necklaces have been a source of traditional healing passed on for many generations and are widely used and treasured throughout Europe and the Far East as unparalleled alternative medicine with proven health benefits.

These miracle baby-must-haves are available on-line from a number of baby related websites (some even offer next day delivery) for those facing another day of teething baby horror! And some baby stores sell them too.