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HOW NOT TO DRESS YOUR KIDS IN 2013 - Article - Irelands Leading Fashion Website -

When we become parents, fashion most certainly takes a back seat for a time. When babies arrive it’s all bottles, babygro's and sleep deprivation. But as the months pass, those babies grow. They become tiny people, with opinions and tastes of their own. These kid's form personalities, these personalities can be expressed through the clothes they wear.

This I find is where parents seem to recoil in horror, or hit a blank wall, or maybe they just don’t know how to drag their precious baby out of baby gros and woolly cardigan combo’s and into the vast, exciting ever changing world fashion and trend following.

Ideally we would all love just a few extra weeks to cuddle and snuggle our precious babies, but as they grow we must grow and evolve with them. It is an exciting thing to witness your child’s transition from romper suits and dungaree’s to skinny jeans and neon t-shirts.

I personally could not wait to get my girls into the latest trends, to bond with them over their own personal likes and dislikes, and to immerse myself in the world of children’s fashion.

I am talking of real fashion, latest trends, gorgeous kiddie couture and the endless accessories to transform a plain cheap store bought outfit into somewhat of a fashion masterpiece.

But we have all witnessed the parents that look a bit dull, you know the jeans and lidl jumper wearing mom and the cord pant, knit jumper wearing dad strolling in the park with their little kiddies. The kiddies who for the most part cute looking kid’s, but have fallen between the fashion gaps. 

Stuck in mismatched outfit’s that clearly echo’s their parents lack of commitment to style. I find it quite sad, and my inner Gok Wan scream’s to get out and assist these parent’s by showing them simple ways ensure their child is fashion savvy, in with the crowd and admired by passers-by.

Instead of remarked upon for looking like they either “got dressed in the dark” or “fell into a laundry hamper and came out wearing what stuck”.

So I bring you my TOP 6 TIP’S to keep those kiddies of yours fun and fabulously fashionable in 2013.
Princess Overload
Yes, we all love little girls in tutu’s, pink head to toe, sparkly pumps, dressy tights and a poof of glitter for good measure! But honestly this look can’t last past the age of 3. Three little words  HONEY BOO BOO…and for those of you unfamiliar with this (lacks word to describe) child, Google her. It’s so much cuter to dress 4-13year old girls in funky colours; current trend’s complimenting their personalities, not overshadowing them.

Tracksuit Tanker
A “tracksuit tanker” is a term I have made up. This term describes the little boys 3-8years old who are stuck somewhere in between their infancy obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine and their childhood obsession with football. These little boys are often found sporting a childhood character tee-shirt under a Manchester United tracksuit. It’s trend clashing in the worst way. Simple cargo pants a block colour tee-shirt and a cool pair of moccasins would far better suit boys aged 4-13. Accessorise with a straw hat and some aviators, for instant fashion perfection.

Inappropriate Looks
My pet peeve! Inappropriate slogans on children’s clothing for example “Hot Chick”, “Kiss me” or “Love Suck’s”,  Padded bra’s for children, knickers’ and boxers that have any kind of logo or emblem that isn’t a Disney character or days of the week (solely to teach kids) is just wrong in my book. Avoid like the plague, it is just so vile to see any parent entertaining these trends.

Stuffy Clothes for Tiny Tots
There is nothing worse than seeing cute infant’s wriggling around in discomfort, due to tulle skirt’s making them sweat, or acrylic/synthetic material’s overpowering their tiny bodies. There is an abundance of trendy 100% cotton clothes out there for babies. Cotton is the best fabric as it allows delicate skin to breathe, ensuring no nasty heat rashes’ on that kissable baby soft skin.

Out of sync with kid’s of today
I have seen it all too often, older parent’s dressing their children in horrendous dresses that “were all the rage when they were young”. Now, I do love a revival, I adore vintage/retro on kid’s but it is so difficult to hit the nail on the head with this trend. So, if you do not know what you’re doing please back away from the brown crushed velvet floral print dress with embroidery anglaise!!!!

Little Amy/Lucy/Jessica will not thank you, when her friends at the party this Saturday burst into giggles!!!! Kid’s like to fit in, they like to look like their friend’s and other kid’s their own age.

Weatherman Ignorance
My final tip; if it’s sunny super cool ripped jeans and tee-shirts are going to be a hit. However, if it is raining and windy outside, put a coat on your child. Even if you have to kneel on their chest to make them get the message that the coat is going to be worn. 

There is nothing worse than seeing a mum and dad wrapped up and cozy in bad weather, but their child is plodding along is water soaked ballet pumps, a pink tutu and "Disney Princess" tee-shirt, shivering because the parents couldn’t be bothered to enforce authority over appropriate footwear or coats for rain. There is no reason a child cant be fashion forward and warm too.

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