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I am so excited that I can finally cover this amazing new range from Name It.  LMTD was launched on the 8th of August by the Danish clothing brand.  Name it may have originated from Denmark but they have been kind enough to set up several stores nationwide in Ireland so we can all grab a slice of their cutting edge children’s fashions.
I regularly shop in Name It now for my children, I was dubious at first (I was a bit of a Primark Princess) but over recent years, I have found Primark quality to be lacking never mind the designs being dull and uninteresting.  I actually stumbled upon a Name It store by chance while out shopping one day with my mother, and since my first purchase, I have been hooked!
The fabrics used for the basics are durable and hardwearing yet easily washed and ironed.  The clothes are for the most part simple yet extremely stylish.  Cotton fabrics and classic cuts dominate Name It’s basic clothes.  Bright colours and fun graphics ensure the brand reflects the children for which the garments are designed. Name It’s price point is also very reasonable when you consider the quality versus other popular children’s clothing brands.  I must also mention that I frequently get nice comments and enquiries as to where I buy my kid’s clothes each time I dress them in Name It clothes.
I forgot to mention the blowout sales that Name It have often, I recently I cleaned up in my local Name It store in Bloomfield's Shopping Centre, in Dun Laoghaire, Co.Dublin. I left with bags and bags of bargains! The staff were so helpful too, as my youngest daughter was quite noisy and acted up constantly as I browsed the rails, the shop assistant was very kind and sympathetic (any moms out there will understand shopping with a teething infant...not fun!) so the right staff for a childrens store is a huge bonus.

(This is a snap I took while browsing, the sale was so good I needed to take some proof home to show my friends!!)

After explaining how my love affair with Name It began, I will now explain why my love affair with Name It has blossomed with this new LMTD range.
Bursting with trendy accessories and high fashion fabrics this LMTD range has broken the mould when it comes to dressing the modern child.  I have mentioned before that I think “pink for a girl and blue for a boy” is a dull guide to shop by when investing for children’s clothes and it appears Name It have rescued this cultural fashion fail.
On their website, the LMTD range is described:
“Limited by Name It is made with inspiration from catwalk trends in specially selected materials and qualities.  Let yourself get inspired by the many stylish details and imagine your son or daughter in one of the elegant and luxurious outfits”.
I have picked out some of my favourite looks from the LMTD range and highlighted prices too.
Autumn 2013 is all about mix-matching fabrics and textures to create WOW looks.  Denims, charcoal cottons, muted animal prints and metallic accents will all be huge this coming season.

The trendy look below is broken down as:

The gorgeous look below is broken down as:

My Personal STAR BUY of the LMTD range is: KIDS AGITA DENIM LEGGING LIMITED €29.95


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