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Essiac® for Pets

It can be heart-breaking watching your much loved cat or dog attempt to recover from a serious illness or disease all on their own.  Often all most caring pet owners can do is look on and hope that their pet will recover well from illness or disease on their own with the aid of limited drugs from the vet and plenty of TLC!.

However, would it not be amazing to be able to aid your pet in a holistic way, using a unique blend of powerful herbs called Essiac® that could leave your furry family friend feeling energised, revived, and bursting with vitality?  Ready to chew the next slipper or tease the goldfish more!!!

Thousands of humans worldwide have realised the benefits of taking Essiac® themselves.  Essiac® for Pets works in the same way, supporting weak immune systems, soothing the body systems, and cleansing the blood with its powerful antioxidant rich formula.  Essiac® can have such powerful results on humans; it is wonderful that pets can now experience these same benefits.  
ESSIAC® for Pets is a 100% naturopathic medicine.  Used since 1922 to help alleviate pain and suffering and restore health to humans worldwide.  ESSIAC® for Pets is a unique blend of four powerful naturally occurring ingredients (Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark and Indian Rhubarb Root).  
Essiac® for Pets is produced to a pharmaceutical grade certification

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ESSIAC® is approved by Health Canada with a NPN Number (Natural Product Number) and approved in writing by the FDA in the USA as a herbal supplement.  Therefore, you know that by choosing to treat your cat or dog to a course of this wonder tonic, that you are ensuring your pet is consuming only the best herbal supplement.

How will taking ESSIAC® for Pets benefit my Pet?
  • ESSIAC® for Pets detoxes the blood, cleanses the lymphatic system, strengthening vital organ systems.

  • ESSIAC® for Pets cleanses the body of toxins and in turn soothes all organ systems.
  • ESSIAC® for Pets nourishes the blood. ESSIAC® for Pets contains many vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that promote health and wellbeing.
  • ESSIAC® for Pets detoxes the liver, helps clean out the gut and improves circulation.

ESSIAC® for Pets benefits your furry friend’s body in a holistic way.  When the body is treated holistically, treatment occurs from the inside out.  
 ESSIAC®’s primary actions are to remove heavy metals within the body, detoxify the blood, restore energy levels and re-build the immune system.  After this occurs, the body is restored to a level where it is better able to defeat illness and disease state using its own resources!
Use ESSIAC® for Pets to help boost the immune system, cleanse the body of toxins, promote health, aiding the body’s natural recovery from illnesses.  Why would you not opt to treat your family pet in this gentle way using ESSIAC® for Pets?

How do I give Essiac® for Pets to my cat or dog?
  • Essiac® for Pets capsules can be given with a small amount of food or juice to help facilitate consumption. 
  • Essiac® for Pets is most effective when taken 1 hour before or after meals.
See below for the suggested daily amount of Essiac® for Pets for cats and dogs. 

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Pet’s Weight
Dosage of Essiac®
Bottles Required
Up to 9 kgs
½ Capsule
Twice Daily
10 to 23 kgs
1 Capsule
Twice Daily
Over 23 kgs
2 Capsules
Twice Daily

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